Posted by: Mary | January 27, 2013

Picking Pohole in Keanae


Pohole Fern Shoots

Recently, I headed “home” to Maui for a quick 4 days to attend my cousin’s baby shower and help out.  The day before the shower, my other cousin (“K”) asked if I’d like to join her and her friend (“L”) on a ride out to Keanae to pick Pohole fern shoots to make Pohole salad.  I was ready to help with whatever needed to be done, so I agreed.  When “L” arrived, she suggested I change into long pants to protect myself from the mosquitos and suggested I find shoes that could get really muddy.  (No one had mentioned this when I packed for the trip….)  I borrowed old clothes from “K” after being advised that anything I wore might end up getting ruined, and also borrowed her old rubber slippers, and we headed off.  I was ready for the adventure!

We stopped at the County building in Wailuku to get a permit to pick Pohole (permit was free, but had to have everyone’s name listed) and then took the road to Hana until we got to Keanae.  We stopped along the side of the road, grabbed our bags, and headed into the “forest”.  Our first stop was a little muddy and slippery, but not too bad, and it was relatively flat.  The brush was thick and there were a fair number of fern shoots with relatively few mosquitos.  However, there was not enough to make the salad, so we headed to our second stop, which required a climb down a muddy, slippery hill where my slippers kept getting stuck and I kept sliding.  Fortunately, I was able to remain on my feet, but I found very few shoots and spent most of the time swatting away the mosquitos.  This area was much wetter, hence the increased mosquito populations.  I also ended up with muddy hands because I kept having to pull the slippers out of the mud. “L” was quick at locating and picking Pohole, so we were out of there within a half an hour.

Thank goodness for the wipes that cleaned up my hands.  My feet were still muddy and I was wearing clothes that were too big, looking like I was homeless, when “K” and “L” dragged me to several stores to run errands Up Country before heading back home.  What a sight I must have been!  Fortunately, neither had a camera and we didn’t run into anyone we knew or were related to.


After Picking Pohole


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