Posted by: Mary | January 6, 2013

Door Knockers of Spain

I am fascinated by the detail that I find on the buildings, lamp posts, signs and doors in other countries.  We don’t see so much of that here in the United States.  On my recent trip to Spain, I found some interesting ones that I’d like to share.  These were found in Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo and Segovia.



  1. It’s so interesting what you pick up when you start to look for details. These images are really nice, particularly as a collage. I wish all the best for you in the new year, Mary.

    • Thank you. I really appreciate it. One of the best things about walking around a city instead of driving or taking public transit is being able to take the time to see these details! Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all the best for 2013, too.

  2. Mary, I absolutely LOVE this post. I think you really captured the essence of Spain through these fascinating architectural details. You obviously have a good eye! Thanks for being so creative. All the Best, Terri

    • Thanks Terri. I appreciate it. I’ve been taking pictures like this for several years and hope to post more of my favorite “details” in the future.

  3. Great idea for a post! How fun it must have been to take all these photos and put them in a collection. Thanks for sharing this, Mary!

    • Thanks Steph. It was a lot of fun to take them. I’m thinking about putting several in a multi picture frame in my office. 🙂

  4. Nice post!! You’ve done a fantastic trip for my country!! Welcome to Spain!

    • Thanks Javier! I loved my time in Spain and will definitely be back for another trip. More posts about my visit will be coming as time permits, so I hope you stop by again.

      • Yes, sure!! I’ll be waiting!! 🙂

  5. I see you enjoyed your Spanish trip. I’m waiting for a review!

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