Posted by: Mary | November 8, 2012

Does it Snow in Venice?

When I tell people that my sister and I once got stuck in Venice, Italy due to the snow, I always hear the same thing.  “I didn’t think it snowed in Venice!”  Neither did we until we found out first hand.  We spent a week in Venice in February 2005 and the first several days were cold but dry.  Then one morning, we woke up and I hear my sister say “it’s snowing”.  I got so excited that I took out my camera and took pictures of the little bit of snow on the roof top below our hotel room window.

By the time we finished breakfast and headed out for the day, it was still snowing, and it was sticking! It made for such a beautiful, magical sight.  Unfortunately, this trip was just prior to the purchase of my first digital camera, so I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I do now, and I had no way to know if my photos turned out.  Only a few did.  the others have large white dots.

For those who have never seen Venice in the snow, here are two of my better photos. (Click on them to enlarge.)


What are your thoughts?

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