Posted by: Mary | October 24, 2012

Autumn in the Midwest

I just got back from a short business trip to Indianapolis.  In trying to make the most of my time out there, I booked a redeye flight (ugh!) out just after midnight Friday morning and landed in “Indy” at 10:30am.  I picked up my rental car and headed off for a four-hour drive (that turned into a five-hour drive due to road construction) to the Bowling Green, Ohio area to visit some friends.  After I got out of the city, I began to notice the beautiful Fall colors on the trees and wished I could snap a quick photo to remind me of how pretty it was.  Of course, there is no place to pull over on the highway for a photo and I started to realize how rural the area was when I noticed that the exits were miles apart with nothing but farm land around.

Maumee River in Autumn

Maumee River in Autumn

I loved the farm houses and the barns, especially the ones that look like traditional red barns surrounded by corn fields.  This time of year, they are even more picture-perfect with the Fall leaves in their shades of red, gold and green.  I also noticed how flat the landscape was.  I live in a state with lots of hills and mountains and am so used to seeing them that I don’t notice it anymore until I’m someplace flat, like the Midwest.

Farm in Ohio

Farm in Ohio

The weather was rainy off and on both Friday and Saturday, so we didn’t go out much, but I had a lovely visit with my friends and then it was Sunday and time to head back to Indianapolis for my conference.  The weather was clear and had warmed up, and I was able to stop along the rural highway outside of Bowling Green for a few photos that don’t really do the landscape justice.  They’re also taken through the car’s windshield, so there’s the occasional splatter from the bugs, but they serve my purpose to remind me of how beautiful the colors were.

Red Barn in Ohio

Red Barn in Ohio

For those who live in areas with real seasons, you may not notice the colors or be as impressed with them as I was (like the way I don’t notice our hills and mountains all the time), but in California, our seasons are mild and while some of the trees do change colors and many lose their leaves, it’s nothing like the Midwest or East coast.  While the highlight of the weekend trip was visiting with friends, the drive with its beautiful landscape was a close second!


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