Posted by: Mary | August 31, 2012

Rockaway Beach and the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

Last Sunday, we drove from the Portland area out to Rockaway Beach for a one night girls getaway.  While the weather was nice where we departed, it was overcast when we arrived and was threatening to rain.  the drive out to the Oregon coast is a beautiful, winding road full of trees and some small towns.  There are great places to hike and camp along the way, but this was a short trip, so that would have to wait for another time.

When we arrived, we stopped by the Chamber of Commerce to purchase our tickets for the historic Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad.  The Chamber office is run by volunteers and is located in a small red caboose next to the tracks.  Tickets can also be purchased online in advance, or in Garibaldi, which is the other railroad stop, but cannot be purchased on the train.  The cost was $16 per adult (11+) and $15 for senior citizens(62+).  Children ages 3-10 are $9.  We took the recommendation of the volunteers and headed to a small sandwich shop down the street, called the Whale Spout.  there are very few tables inside and three outside, so there was a short wait, but the food was worth it and prices are reasonable for what you get.  We all had the portabella burger and loved it so much that we ended up back for lunch the next day to try some of the other sandwiches.

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

Garibaldi Train Depot

Garibaldi Train Depot

View from Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

View from Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

View from Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

View from Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

We took the train after lunch and headed the short distance to Garibaldi.  The ride takes 30 minutes and follows Highway 101, which is not much of a highway along this stretch of the coast.  However, there are sections where you are closer to the coast and get better views than you can from the highway.  The first half of the ride was not too scenic, but became very pretty as we got closer to Garibaldi.  You can catch the train from either town and take it round trip.  These are the only two stops.  There is a half hour between the time the train stops and when it departs again, so we stopped in a little coffee shop in Garibaldi.  There wasn’t much else to see on a Sunday afternoon, as much was closed.  Then we caught the train back.  There are two open air cars that are great for photos and better viewing than from the windows (which do open).  One open air car has a roof and the other is completely open, but was closed due to the wet seats from the rain.

After the train ride, we decided to walk along the beach, even though the weather was still drizzling.  Rain doesn’t stop us! It was beautiful and we pretty much had the beach to ourselves, but we got wet and a bit sandy.  We opted to get pizza and eat in our condo since we had wet clothes and hair and wanted to get into warm, comfortable clothes and visit.  Due to the weather, there wasn’t much of a sunset, but since the condo faced the beach, it would’ve had a great view….

The next morning, we awoke to beautiful, sunny weather.  We skipped breakfast and opted for a long walk along the beach instead.  Along the way, we saw lots of broken sea shells, broken sand dollars, rocks, seaweed, crab shells, and even a jellyfish.  (I wish I could have found a whole sand dollar.)  We took a lot of pictures to capture the memories and played with one of the dogs walking along the beach (they seem to be allowed off leash) who wanted us to throw his tennis ball over and over.

Twin Rocks

Twin Rocks, Rockaway Beach


Jellyfish at Rockaway Beach

Crab Shell

Crab Shell at Rockaway Beach

We had lunch at the Whale Spout again and enjoyed the food, and then went into the candy store to bring home salt water taffy.  There are two stores a couple of doors from each other.  One sells taffy for $7.95/lb and the other for $5.95/lb.  We bought some at the higher priced store first, but when we saw the second one, we got more because some of the flavors were sold out at the first place.  Both were good quality – soft and chewy! Then we checked the two antique shops before heading off to Tillamook for an obligatory stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory to buy some cheese (garlic white cheddar and garlic cheddar with chili pepper) and cheese curds that can only be purchased at the factory.  We also got ice cream as dessert.  The sticky bun flavor is my new favorite!  I wish I could find it in the store.  Even if you’re not into cheese (although I can’t understand that), this is a must stop for ice cream.



  1. I love the Oregon coast, but have never taken the train ride. Maybe next time. Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks for checking out my post!

  2. I love the Oregon coast — it’s so stunning and rugged. Thanks for your commentary and photos, Mary. Also, thanks for following Travel Oops!

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the Oregon coast, too. It’s absolutely beautiful.

  3. Reblogged this on Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

  4. Love the OCS RR!

    • It was a really pretty trip. I’m so glad we did it. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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