Posted by: Mary | August 28, 2012

Berry-picking in Beaverton, Oregon

Blackberries on the road

I was in Oregon on a long weekend, visiting family in the Portland area.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and we came during the perfect part of Oregon’s short summer.  On Friday evening, we decided to walk to a restaurant with outdoor seating to take full advantage of the beautiful weather.  Along the way, we saw a small river with a beaver dam and a busy beaver dragging logs.  We also saw wild blackberry bushes along the side of the path, so we stopped to pick and eat a few.  They were delicious!  This led us to the idea that we should spend Saturday out on Sauvie Island, picking berries.

Sauvie Island

Sauvie Island is a beautiful island in the Portland area, and is larger than Manhattan.  It’s got some pretty beaches along the Columbia River, and several pick your own fruit and flowers farms.  We started with a drive around part of the island (to drive the entire way, part of the road is unpaved), with a stop at one of the beaches.  Note that parking permits are required to park on the island, with the exception of the fruit farms, which provide parking lots to their customers.  Permits can be purchased at any store on the island for $3.50 per day or an $11 pass for the calendar year.

Along our drive, we saw osprey nests and several osprey flying around.  We also stopped for a short walk to get a view of a lake.  Then we headed off to the farms.  Unfortunately, as it turned out, there was no berry-picking that day.  Two of the farms had peaches to be picked and the third, Kruger, had flowers.  Kruger, however, also operates a farmers market, so we decided to make the stop.  It’s also a great place to stop for lunch.  They make hamburgers, veggie burgers & sausages there, as well as pizza.  There’s also a beer truck (think food truck) and a wine stand, as well as a stand selling roasted corn ($3/ear or 2 for $5).  We opted for veggie burgers and they were very good.  The homemade pink lemonade was infused with blueberries and strawberries and may have been the best I’ve ever had.

Sunflower at Kruger Farmer’s Market

After lunch, we walked among the flowers and took some photos.  The sunflowers looked like they were about at the end of their life and were starting to lose a few leaves.  The dahlias looked like they were just starting to bloom.  Not the best time for flowers, but still a  beautiful day.  We picked up some produce to take home and headed on our way.  It was a  beautiful day on the island and a beautiful drive.

That evening, we headed out for another walk and this time, we were prepared with a small bowl for picking berries.  We found an area that was very plentiful and picked about 1.5 quarts in about 30 minutes…and there were still plenty left on the bushes for others.  The berries that were practically falling off the bushes were the sweetest, so we ate those while picking and took the more firm berries home.  All in all, it was a wonderful day.


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