Posted by: Mary | August 21, 2012

Last Day in Deutschland

December 2011

On my last day in Stuttgart (and Germany), I moved to the Mövenpick Hotelnext door to the Stuttgart airport…literally.  My flight out was so early that I wouldn’t be able to catch a train from where I had been staying and the taxi fare was more than the difference between this hotel and my previous one.  The walk was all of 2 minutes to the airport and 3 minutes to the train station at the airport.

I got a day pass for the train and used it to head back to the Stuttgart city center for one last visit to the Christmas market.  You’d think that with all of the markets I’d visited, I’d be sick of them by now, right? Well, not quite, but they had lost their excitement by this time.  However, there were some gifts that I wanted to stop and purchase for Christmas, and I wanted another banana Nutella crepe before I left!

Stuttgart Christkindlmarkt

This day was a leisurely one since I’d already wandered the city and the markets.  It was a busy weekend and everyone was out at the market mid-day.  Children and adults were ice skating at the outdoor rink that was set up in the city and everyone seemed to be out enjoying themselves.

Stuttgart Ice Rink

I enjoyed people-watching and wandering around, looking at the architecture of the buildings and the churches in the city.  I also stopped to check out the decorations on the vendors’ stalls at the Christmas market and got that crepe that I was craving.  Then, as the skies turned grey, I headed back to my hotel to pack up the last of my purchases and get ready for my very early flight home.

Christmas Market in Stuttgart

Christmas Market in Stuttgart

As I walked to the airport in the morning, I thought about all of the markets I had visited, the cities and towns that I had seen, and the friends that I had enjoyed visiting, and knew that I had to return.


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