Posted by: Mary | August 21, 2012

Beautiful Tübingen, How I Loved Thee!

December 2011

On my second to last day, upon the recommendation fo a friend, I decided to head to Tübingen, a University town about 19 miles from Stuttgart.  Again, I took advantage of the Baden-Württemberg train ticket which meant departing Stuttgart after 9am, but since the destination was so close, this worked perfectly.  The ticket allows travel anywhere within the Baden-Württemberg borders for one price, until 3am the next morning. For groups of 2-5, it is significantly cheaper than purchasing individual point to point tickets.  Since I was traveling alone, my ticket was slightly less than the group ticket, but was still a good deal because it allowed me  the freedom to travel elsewhere if I didn’t spend the entire day in Tübingen.


Tübingen is located between the Neckar and Ammer rivers and the train station is a short walk to the city center where the Christmas market was taking place.  Along the way, you cross one of the rivers and there is a beautiful view of some of the houses along the river.  It was overcast when I was there, but fortunately, it never rained and I wandered through the town square where the farmers market was happening and then into the Christmas market for some Glühwein and the souvenir mug that would come home with me.

Tübingen farmer’s market

Tübingen Weihnachtsmarkt mug

I took the bus (included in the Baden-Württemberg train ticket) to the Kunsthalle Tübingen for its exhibit on Cezanne, Renoir and Picasso.  Although I enjoyed the paintings on display, the museum was much smaller than I expected at around three rooms.  The exhibits rotate and the museum is closed on Mondays.  The town itself is very pretty and was worth wandering around.  I’d love to go back and enjoy it without the Christmas market so that I could take some photos of the buildings in the town square and perhaps enjoy some of the outdoor dining and people-watching in better weather.


What are your thoughts?

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