Posted by: Mary | August 20, 2012

Leaving for Stuttgart!

December 2011On Wednesday morning, I left for Stuttgart.  I was dropped at the Bretten train station and caught a direct train to Stuttgart with travel time of about an hour.  I located my hotel and dropped my luggage before heading into the heart of Stuttgart to wander the streets and the Christmas market.  The sky was dark grey, so I knew I’d have another wet day, but that doesn’t stop me.  During the middle of the day, the market wasn’t too busy and I was able to look around and take photos.  Although the city itself wasn’t decorated as much as Strasbourg, many of the vendors put a lot of decoration onto their stalls, and each was unique.

Stuttgart Christmas Market

Stuttgart Christmas Market Stall Decorations

Stuttgart Christmas Market

Stuttgart itself has some very pretty architecture, so I wandered away from the market to take it in during a dry spell.



I finished off my day with dinner at a restaurant nearby my hotel and made plans for my next day, which was to include two different Christmas Markets at nearby towns and would turn out to include my favorite of the ones I’d visited in Germany.


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