Posted by: Mary | August 20, 2012

Durlach and Karlsruhe Christkindlmarkt

December 2011

My last day staying with friends, I met up with one of their friends who I’d heard so much about over the years, but had never met.  “A” lives practically next door and came by to take me to the Durlach and Karlsruhe Christmas markets.  We started out on a drizzly mid-morning in Durlach where we wandered around a pretty empty market on Tuesday morning.  The Durlach market is small and done in a Medieval theme.  It’s worth a stop if you’re in the area, but not really worth seeking out, in my opinion, because there are much larger markets (some in the Medieval theme) elsewhere in Germany.  However, since Durlach was on the way to Karlsruhe, it was worth seeing.  We had hot chocolate with a shot of rum in the Durlach mugs and when “A” explained that I was taking one home for me and one for a friend, they were nice enough to switch them out with clean ones so that I didn’t have to carry them around with hot chocolate residue.

By the time we got to Karlsruhe’s market, it was raining pretty good.  At this market, I picked up several small glass candle holders as stocking stuffers and several larger ones as gifts.  If it hadn’t been so wet, we could have spent more time at the market, but we were getting pretty wet, even with our umbrellas, so instead of stopping at one of the food stalls, we opted for a Greek restaurant that my friends and “A” really like.  We have excellent Greek food where I live, but this was pretty good and the owner (who is from Greece), gave us each a 375mL bottle of wine as an early Christmas present for dining there.  (My husband and I drank it at home and it was pretty good.)

With the wet weater, I didn’t get any good photos to share, but all in all, it was a nice, albeit wet, day at the Christmas markets.  The evening was spent repacking my belongings and making room for my new purchases, as well as visiting with friends before I was to leave for Stuttgart.



  1. […] Neckar river that hosts a Medeival market and a Christmas market.  If you read my post about the Durlach medieval market, this is the wonderful market I was alluding to!  I arrived about an hour before the market […]

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