Posted by: Mary | August 17, 2012

Christmas Market in Heidelberg

On my first full day in Germany, we had a leisurely morning with a breakfast of freshly baked goods from a nearby bakery and hot tea.  Close to noon, we headed off down the Autobahn for Heidelberg, about an hour away.  The city is located on the River Neckar and is home to Heidelberg Castle, as well as the University of Heidelberg.  Apparently, it also has one of the largest American populations outside the U.S., but I didn’t really notice that in my brief visit.

It was Saturday, so there were lots of families out and about at the Christkindlesmarkt.  My friend suggested we ger Langos from one of the food stands, as it’s one of his favorites.  I’m not much for fried foods, but had never had it, so I had to give it a try.  It’s a Hungarian fried bread, made with cheese, sour cream & paprika, although there are other variations.  It was pretty good, but the Glühwein we had afterward was even better.

You pay a deposit for the Glühwein mug (usually one or two Euro) and then pay for the drink.  If you return the mug, you get your deposit back.  If you don’t the mug is yours to keep.  Some of the cities use the same mugs year after year while others change their mugs annually.  Some even put the year on them & Heidelberg was one of those cities, so the mug came home as a souvenir.

While wandering the stalls, I saw some candle holders and christmas ornaments that I liked, but decided to hold off since I still had many markets to go and this was just my first.  Many of the items sold can be found at lots of the markets, but not all.  I did find a Moroccan glass candle holder that looked similar to my tea set and decided to purchase it.  We also made a stop in a few of the regular shops that my friends don’t have in the town where they live and I bought a couple of fondue serving plates.

In the evening, we walked around Heidelberg a bit so that I could get a view of the river and the castle.  Then we decided to go out for Indian food at a highly recommended restaurant called Moghul right on the river.  The food was very good, but high compared to U.S. prices.  Dinner was over $100 USD for three of us, without alcohol.  The only problem was when I got back home and discovered that my credit card had been charged twice! I contacted the credit card company and it ultimately was resolved, but I’d suggest paying cash at this restaurant to avoid such a mistake if you don’t carefully check your monthly statement.


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