Posted by: Mary | August 17, 2012

Beautiful Bretten and the Maulbronn Christmas Market

On my second day in Germany (December 2011), we had a leisurely Sunday morning with more freshly baked breads and pretzels from a nearby bakery before heading off to two Christmas Markets at nearby towns.  The first stop was Bretten, a city that celebrated its 500th anniversary in 1997.  It’s a beautiful town with lots of traditional regional architecture showing the exposed beams in the building exteriors.  I loved this town and if I were moving to Germany, would love to live in one of those homes.  The Christmas Market wasn’t as impressive.  There were only a few stands and a ferris wheel in the town square.  It took all of five minutes to walk through and since it was early afternoon, we weren’t ready for Glühwein.  They also had no special mugs to bring home.  However, the town was so pretty that we wandered for a while and I took lots of photos.

Our second stop was Maulbronn Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Parking was quite a challenge, as it was late afternoon and the Christmas Market was packed!  It was so full that it was really hard to even look at what was for sale in the stands, but we wandered through the entire thing and I bought a few Christmas ornaments as stocking stuffers for family.  We also made the obligatory food stall stop where I had a wonderful banana Nutella crepe.  Once we had completed our walk through the entire market, we headed back “home” and ordered take out for dinner.  I would have loved to have seen the inside of the Abbey, but there was no point in trying with the crowds and I’m not sure if it was even open on a Sunday.  I’d love to go back sometime and see the Abbey grounds when the market is not there, as it gets in the way of being able to really see the buildings, etc.

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