Posted by: Mary | August 16, 2012

A Trip to India!

Originally published on my private blog March 15, 2010

A friend (we’ll call her “M”) had a business trip to Chennai and we have both always wanted to see the Taj Mahal, so we made plans to meet up in Delhi to visit Delhi, Jaipur and Agra before she flew on to Chennai and I headed back home. Planning was a bit of a roller coaster with the trip on, then off, then delayed, etc due to things at work affecting her business trip. Finally, the trip was booked and we ended up flying over on the same flight in early March.

The flight was long and I was seated next to an elderly Indian woman who did not speak English but attempted several conversations with me and spent a fair amount of time watching me, even when I was just reading. I guess she was curious about me, but I found it a little odd at the time. That was before five days in India where M and I were apparently a curiosity and people stopped to ask if they could take their picture with us. M said it was the closest she ever would feel to being famous!

We arrived in Delhi on a Thursday night and a driver met us to take us to our Bed and Breakfast outside Delhi. He didn’t speak much English and when we followed him to the “taxi”, he cleared out the newspapers by throwing them into the parking lot. It was our first glimpse at how all the trash ended up everywhere. Driving in India was a bit crazy, although still not as crazy as my experience in Yantai, China six years earlier. Lanes meant nothing, but at least drivers stopped at traffic signals and stayed (relatively) on their own side of the road. Lots of horns and stop and go traffic that was a jumble of cars, trucks, buses, bicycles, rickshaws, auto rickshaws and ox carts.

We checked into The Estate Bed and Breakfast (with which I have no affiliation, but would highly recommend) and the room was spacious. After a much-needed shower for each of us, we headed to bed with only 4 hours to sleep before we were up and on our way to…the airport again! We had decided to spend the first full day in Jaipur, but the train ride would have gotten us there mid-day, so we booked the first flight out and arrived before 8am.


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