Posted by: Mary | August 14, 2012

Musical Memories of South Africa

While driving home from work today, a song came on the radio that reminded me of South Africa.  It wasn’t something I heard while I was there; it was the beat of the song that was familiar.  In 2007, my husband and I spent a total of 37.5 hours (including layovers) traveling from California to Cape Town, South Africa via London and Johannesburg.  After arriving, the first thing we wanted was a shower, then something to eat.

We checked in to our hotel, showered and then drove to the pier where we found a restaurant with outdoor seating and had dinner while watching the sunset and taking in the view of Table Mountain.  When we were finished, we wandered around the pier, looking into some of the shops, and as we rounded a corner, I heard it.  Live music! It was a group of young men who were street performers, all dressed alike and singing.  We had to stop to listen and watch.  Something called to me and I felt like I had finally arrived in South Africa – a place I had wanted to visit for over 15 years but had somehow put in the back of my mind.

One of the young men approached and let us know that they had CDs to sell, so I bought one to remember that moment and the trip.  The men called themselves the Abawonse Brothers and had produced the CD themselves.  For at least a year after the trip, I regularly played it in my car and then it became occasional.  About two years ago, it seems that I forgot about it and haven’t played it since, but the song on the radio brought the memory back.  It looks like I need to dig through my CD collection to find it so that I can listen again.  I love how music can bring you back to another time with such vivid memories!


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