Posted by: Mary | August 9, 2012

Our first day in NYC

For her 17th birthday, I took my niece on a trip to New York City.  She’d been talking about wanting to see it “someday”, so when I saw a great deal on airfare, I thought, why not? We flew out on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend & arrived in the evening.  Our hotel was in Uptown Manhattan, right on a subway line, making it very convenient.

On our first full day, we decided to cover a lot of ground – literally.  We started out on Broadway at 104th and headed over to Central Park, where we walked the entire length of the park and saw the Strawberry Fields memorial to John Lennon.  What a beautiful park with a great view of the city from across the lake!  From the park, we wandered the city down Broadway and around Midtown Manhattan.  We saw many of the landmarks – Rockefeller Center, Trump Tower, The New York Visitor’s Center where the millennium ball is on display, Times Square, the Empire State Building, and 5th Avenue.

While at the Visitor’s Center in Times Square, we were able to write a wish on a small piece of confetti and also write a memory of Dick Clark on another.  All of these pieces of confetti will be dropped over Times Square on New Year’s Eve.  My niece thought it was pretty cool that what she wrote will be dropped over Times Square, so when she watches the ball drop, she’ll know her wish is in there somewhere.

At the Visitor’s Center, you can book tickets for plays and pick up information on restaurants and other attractions.  My niece comes from the South and loves Southern cooking.  She’d also seen the Neely’s on the Food Network, so when we saw the brochure for the Neely’s BBQ Parlor, that’s where she wanted to go.  We had an early dinner there when they opened, and got a table by the window where we could watch people.  Not being a big fan of Southern cooking, it was just “okay” to me, but my niece really liked the food.

While walking around, we saw a movie being filmed with Ben Stiller directing.  It’s called The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  My niece was thrilled to see someone famous in person and to see the movie filming in action.  We stayed and watched for about a half hour and got a few photos, although not very good ones.

Later, we went back to Times Square where she was able to see herself on one of the big screens over Times Square and then do a little shopping.  Aeropostale (one of her favorite stores at home) had Times Square T-shirts at a good sale price and if you go upstairs, they had an area that overlooks the street below, with lots of flashing lights that changed color.  It was a great place for a teen to pose and get photos with Times Square in the background and also with the lights, as if she were someone famous.

There were a few things that my niece really wanted to do while in NYC.  Aside from seeing the Statue of Liberty and Broadway, she wanted to eat a hotdog from a street cart, eat NY-style pizza in NY, and eat NY cheesecake in NY.  We accomplished two of three that day.  She had the hot dog in Times Square around lunch time and we went for late night dessert at Juniors so that she could have the cheesecake and I could have a wonderful hot fudge sundae.  Neither of us was disappointed. 

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