Posted by: Mary | March 8, 2011

My Last Morning in Vilnius

at Gediminas Tower

On my last morning in Vilnius, I had about an hour and a half after breakfast before my taxi was scheduled to arrive to take me to the airport (no dragging thee suitcase through the snow and slush this time), so I decided to see if I could get up to Gediminas Tower and go up to the top to take photos.  I didn’t go up on my first day because the sun was too low and didn’t allow for good photos. Unfortunately, I found that the funicular wasn’t running on Mondays, which meant the tower wouldn’t be open either. Since I had no other plans and only a short amount of time, I decided to walk up to the top of the castle hill and take some photos from the base of the tower again. It was a very pretty walk with everything covered in snow, but a bit slippery, especially on the way down.

When my taxi arrived, I made the short trip to the airport, checked in, exchanged my money and wandered around the airport a little while before settling down to read at the gate and wait for my slightly delayed flight. When I arrived in Washington DC, clearing customs was quick and I had two hours before my last flight, which would put me at the San Francisco airport at 1:00am. A friend was kind enough to pick me up so that I didn’t have to wait for a shuttle to make multiple stops before dropping me off.

It was a wonderful trip, but it is also nice to be back home to see my husband, our niece (who lives with us) and our dog!


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