Posted by: Mary | March 4, 2011

Kaziukas (St. Casimir’s) Festival in Vilnius!


When I was planning this trip and realized that I would be here on St. Casimir’s Day, I planned it so that Lithuania was my last stop in order to participate in the festival. St. Casimir is the patron saint of Lithuania and on this day (March 4th), crafts people from all over the country come to Vilnius and set up booths. When I set out this morning, I found that Darius was right the night before when he said that I had chosen my hotel well. He said I would “wake up in the middle of the celebration”. Well, not exactly, as it started around 11am, but as soon as I walked to the end of my street and reached the cathedral, I found the beginning of the festival booths.

There were all kinds of crafts – basket makers, wood carvings, iron work, jewelry, knitting, etc. There were also all kinds of food booths – both hot to eat now, and baked goods, etc to take home. I wandered first one end and then the other. It stretched for several blocks in each direction from the cathedral. I bought a few things along the way, including some wooden spoons and t wooden bowls, hand crocheted angel Christmas ornaments and amber jewelry. It was cold, but the number of people kept increasing as the day went on. According to my research, several hundred thousand people show up for this event. By the time I had seen it all, four hours had passed!

I dropped my purchases at the hotel and had an early dinner while making plans for tomorrow’s sightseeing. I’m looking forward to venturing further into the Old Town tomorrow!


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