Posted by: Mary | February 26, 2011

Arrived in Riga!

After three long flights (SFO to Houston to Frankfurt to Riga), I arrived in Riga late in the afternoon. The skies were clear, but it is very cold (below freezing) and there’s snow on the ground. After I checked into my hotel, which is located on the edge of the Old Town, I walked around the town as things were closing up for the day. Because I was a little hungry and very cold, I ducked into a little coffee shop for some tea and a banana crepe. I’m guessing that a university must be somewhere nearby, as it was popular with what looked like college students, all speaking English with different European accents.

I saw the outside of the cathedral and St. Peter’s church, as well as the town hall. There’s also a large ferris wheel set up and people were riding it. I wonder if it’s here all the time or left over from the Christmas holidays. I have seen several stores with their pine garlands and glass ball ornaments still up over the doorways and in the windows. I’m looking forward to going into some of the sites that are open tomorrow (a Sunday).

There’s a shopping mall with a grocery store about a block from my hotel and since it was the only thing open late, I went in to look around. I love checking out the grocery stores in different countries to see what they have that we do not. Of course, I had to buy some of the candy made here in Latvia, so I will be bringing home some chocolate. I tried the candy called Halva and it tastes like it’s made of sesame seeds, but is nothing special. I haven’t tried any of the chocolate yet.



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